Let Me Count The Ways

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress! It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread or Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips with a cool, tall glass of Blue Moon or even Cake Batter Ice Cream from Cold Stone. Evidently, a growing number of people across the “interwebs” agree with us. Did you know that 25% of all newly registered domain names end up as WordPress sites?

How about that 19% of the the sites currently on the net are already running WordPress and more are joining the ranks all the time?

How about that WordPress users are statistically less likely to suffer from heart attacks and stokes?

Alright, we confess. We don’t really know if it has those sorts of health benefits but we do know that managing a WordPress site is less stressful than a lot of other CMS alternatives, and it has a huge community that give WordPress a lot of lovin’ .

How We Show Our WordPress Love

WordPress Training & Consulting

The net is loaded with WordPress tutorials and walk-through’s. But most of the time all you need is an answer or guidance on a specific WordPress topic or problem and trying to search for it online can take hours and be less than satisfying.

We can answer your WordPress questions via:

  • e-mail with screen shots
  • live screen sharing
  • Skype Chat or phone
  • by sending you a custom video tutorial
  • in person (that is, if you live with a 30 mile radius of Monterey California. Of course, if you don’t mind flippin the bill for  food and lodging and an airline ticket we’ll go anywhere.)

Whatever learning style you get the most benefit from is what we will deliver to you. Hey it’s free to ask so why not contact us with your request.

WordPress Hosting, Backup & Update Management

WordPress is constantly being updated with improvements in speed, ease of use and security. Although this is positive it can be a daunting task staying on top of WordPress core and plugin updates. When you buy hosting through us we handle all the updating and backup for you. You never have to lift a finger and can rest assured knowing your site is safely tucked in every night. We’ve even been known to sing a few lullabies for good measure.

WordPress Multi-Site Installs

What is it you say?

Glad you asked. Imagine handling multiple WordPress sites all from a single login without having to have a separate installation of WordPress for each. Imagine updating your entire network of sites with the latest WordPress core and plugin updates with only a few clicks. Neat eh? We think so. Our clients love it too.

WordPress Theme Tweaking & Design

Changing your WordPress sites appearance is very fast and easy but a lot of the time there is just something that’s not quite right and you need someone to help swap out the ruby red slippers with a pair of pumps that go better with a blue and white checkered dress (Yeah we’re talking about you Dorthy). We call this “Theme Tweaking” and it’s an affordable alternative to “from scratch” theme development and design. You tell us what theme you love and we’ll change it until it’s just the way you like it.

Sometimes tweaking just doesn’t cut it and you want a completely unique theme wholly original. Yeah, we can do that too.

WordPress Plugin Tweaking, Research & Development

Plugins add more features and functions to an already awesome system. Some of these plugins can be difficult to figure out, their settings can be difficult to adjust or sometimes you just want one feature a plugin has and non of the rest it offers.

With us you have several options:

  • Set us on task to find an existing plugin that does the job you want
  • Have us instruct you on how to use a plugin you have already found
  • Have us get inside the guts of a plugin that almost does what you want and force it to do your bidding
  • Have us develop a plugin from scratch that you can call your very own

WordPress Migration

Sometimes, your web host just plain sucks. We can quickly and safely pack-up and move your WordPress site to a server that just plain doesn’t suck.

For more info, pricing and fees on any and all of the above WordPress goodness simply Contact Us. You’ll be glad you did. We promise.